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Bles interactive graphics video country-specific mortality and growth failure in infancy and yound children and association with material stature use interactive graphics and maps to view and sort country-specific infant and early dhildhood mortality and growth failure data and their association with maternal references 1 + kolodny â eh. â the gm2 gangliosidoses. â  in: , , , , eds. The molecular and genetic basis of neurological disease. 2nd ed. Boston, mass: butterworth-heinemann; 1997;:473--â 490 2 + anonymous, â obituary of warren tay. â lancet 1927;i1161 3 + evans â pr. â tay-sachs disease: a centenary. â arch dis child 1987;621056-â 1059 3314722 4 + tay â w. discounted viagra buy viagra online usa no prescription cheap viagra online online to buy viagra or cialis generic viagra where to buy viagra online canada generic viagra from india generic viagra pill â symmetrical changes in the region of the yellow spot in each eye of an infant. â trans ophthalmol soc uk 1881;155-â 57 5 + perl â dp. â barney sachs and the history of the neuropathologic description of tay-sachs disease. â adv genet 2001;4411-â 23 pubmed 6 + tay â w. â a third instance in the same family of symmetrical changes in the region of the yellow spot in each eye of an infant, closely resembling those of embolism. â trans ophthalmol soc uk 1884;4158-â 159 7 + sachs â b. â on arrested cerebral development, with special reference to its cortical pathology. â j nerv ment dis 1887;14541-â 553 8 + okada â s, o’brien â js. â discovery of î²-hexosaminidase a deficiency in tay-sachs disease. â adv genet 2001;4461-â 66 pubmed 9 + sachs â b. â a family form of idiocy, generally fatal, associated with early blindness (amaurotic family idiocy). â j nerv ment dis 1896;21475-â 479 10 + sachs â b. â on amaurotic family idiocy: a disease chiefly of the gray matter of the central nervous system. â j nerv ment dis 1903;301-â 13 11 + sachs â b, strauss â i. â the cell changes in amaurotic family idiocy. â j exp med 1910;12685-â 695 12 + kingdon â ec. â a rare fatal disease of infancy, with symmetrical changes at the macula lutea. â trans ophthalmol soc uk 1892;12126-â 137 13 + kingdon â ec, russell â jsr. â infantile cerebral degeneration with symmetrical changes in the macula. â proc royal med chirurgical soc 1896;934-â 38 14 + slome â d. â the genetic basis of amaurotic family idiocy. â j genet 1933;27363-â 372 15 + aronson â sm, volk â bw. â genetic and demographic considerations concerning tay-sachs disease. â  in: , , eds. Cerebral sphingolipidoses. New york, ny: academic press; 1962;:375--â 394 16 + robinson â d, stirling â jl. â n-acetyl-beta-gluco saminidase in human spleen. â biochem j 1968;107321-â 327 pubmed 17 + okada â s, o’brien â js. â tay-sachs disease: generalized absence of a beta-d-n-acetylhexosaminidase component. â science 1969;165698-â 700 18 + sandhoff â k. â the. bio
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