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Team of astronomers, including the dunlap institute's tuan do , has discovered a star that orbits the supermassive black hole at the centre of the milky way galaxy in record time. Referred to as s0-102, the star circuits our galaxy's centre in a mere 11. 5 years – less time than jupiter takes to orbit the sun. Medicine/pharmacology 05. 10. 2012 ucla sponsors annual fundraising walk for polycystic kidney disease chemistry - life sciences 05. viagra online cheap viagra online buy viagra viagra for sale cheap viagra online cheap viagra online viagra without the prescription fast buy generic viagra cheap viagra online canadian pharmacy viagra without a doctor prescription 10. 2012 u. Of i. Chemist to be inducted into american arts and sciences academy champaign, ill. - university of illinois chemistry professor sharon hammes-schiffer will be among 220 new members inducted into the american academy of arts and sciences on saturday in cambridge, mass. Education/continuing education - mathematics 05. 10. 2012 stanford’s 2012 safety report offers valuable tips on emergency preparation, as well as crime stats most of stanford's 2012 safety, security & fire report is devoted to promoting personal safety, protecting personal property and preventing crime. Administration/government - law/forensics 05. 10. 2012 liberian president sirleaf discusses her country's transformation at world leaders forum ten years after the end of a brutal civil war a more hopeful nation has emerged from the ashes, liberia's president ellen johnson sirleaf told a packed crowd of columbia university faculty, administrators and students at a world leaders forum on sept. Education/continuing education 05. 10. 2012 facing global educational issues: penn gse researchers in austria event 05. 10. 2012 university of michigan’s hosts tribute to betty ford chemistry - medicine/pharmacology 05. 10. 2012 fluid cathedrals: gels under the microscope ann arbor-a dollop of hair gel might not look like much, but michigan engineering researchers have found that it's a labyrinth of chambers and domes, constructed by the particles inside. These structures allow the gel to hold its shape and determine how much pressure it can withstand before it starts to flow. Event 05. 10. 2012 research unplugged starts with talk on children'. bio


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